Resolutions - Write it Down !

Resolutions - Write it Down !

I always have a VERY long list on New Year Resolutions & one on my list this year is "write it down" . Just before Christmas I stocked some very covetable notebooks from Bound who were kind enough to send me my very own & it is already a favourite, we had a lovely little chat with our new friends & here is what they had to say:

Stockist Highlight: Intrepid – Adventure Essentials

Based in Aberfoyle, the heart of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, intrepid ( opened in May 2019 as the sister company to intrepid:scotland ( Intrepid is home to an eclectic range of outdoor gifts & essentials for your adventures with a focus on products that excel in design, sustainability and individuality.

Our small businesses are both are rooted in a love for adventure, a passion for the environment and an appreciation for the outdoor community. As makers of sustainable notebooks inspired by travel, our aim is to work and collaborate with like-minded folk who share our values and sense of adventure. So, when Intrepid reached out to us to become a stockist of our Wild Folk Edition Pocket Jotters, we were thrilled.

Hi Clare! Can you tell us a bit about Intrepid and how your journey began?

My husband had been running events company intrepid:scotland for several years & we had often discussed having a shop that would be useful to promote, meet & run small scale events as well as stocks some lovely adventure essentials & then all of a sudden it happened… unfortunately for us not long before Covid. All being well, this will be our first full year trading despite us being officially here for three years!

Your aim is to stock products with good design, sustainability and social purpose. Can you tell us a bit about what this means to Intrepid?

I love good design & quality products, we aim to try & put something back into society rather than just sell STUFF, we have keen eye and are always on the look out for products that offer a little bit more such as Biolite that supports places in Africa that have no energy with solar products, we like companies like Stanley, although big they are committed to selling quality products that are designed to last & be repaired. We also aim to support small, new businesses such as the Antur Supply Co in the hope that they will be able to compete with the big boys.

We absolutely love the concept of a shop purely for outdoor gifts and adventure essentials. What essentials do you take with you when you travel or go on adventures?

Good question, three that spring to mind are an Opinel Knife, a good pair of Findra Socks & a Stanley Flask… maybe hip flask !

What drew you to our notebooks and how do you use your Wild Folk Pocket Jotter?

Well the fact that they are a very slick design, a bit outdoorsy & useful ticks all the boxes… I have a memory like a sieve so writing things down is essential & a pleasure, I have a weakness for stationery.

Our aim this year is to explore more of the UK and everything it has to offer. Where are your favourite local adventures?

The Loch Lomond & Trossachs is fabulous for adventures of all sorts, it has everything you might want for an adventure: forests, lochs, mountains, stunning  scenery & at least one amazing shop! As I live bang in the middle of the country, my adventure of choice is always by the sea… especially in winter.

Could you tell us a little bit about your sister company, intrepid:scotland?

intrepid:scotland was set up by my husband with the aim of connecting people to nature, it offers a range of low key outdoor adventures including: natural navigation, wild swimming, bike safaris, guided walks, bushcraft, spoon carving, wreath making, wood chopping for women +++++

We first came across Intrepid on Instagram and we love discovering small businesses and creatives on social media. Which adventurous creatives or inspiring brands have you been enjoying recently?

Apart from you, we have found lots of our favourite products on Instagram, especially mini maps from Follow This Way, groovy bike lights from Bookman, lovely textiles from Sophie Home, fabulous flower presses from Studio Wald & brilliant Charcoal Stoves from Prakti.

What's in store for Intrepid in 2023?

More Sales, more products, more events & MAYBE – but probably not – more money!



Featured: Wild Folk Edition Pocket Jotters by Bound Notebook Co.

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