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Land - Single Origin Drinking Chocolate

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Land Single Origin Drinking Chocolate is made with the same simple ingredients that go into land chocolate bars - cocoa beans, organic cane sugar and cocoa butter. Nothing else.
The award-winning drinking chocolate is made from beans carefully sourced from the Nueva Guinea region of Nicaragua. These beans create a delicious 71% chocolate that we simply turn into flakes for you to enjoy with warm milk. A sophisticated, luxurious treat.
To keep your Land 71% Drinking Chocolate dairy free, simply mix with your favourite milk alternative or water.
For the perfect mug of Land Drinking Chocolate, simply heat a pan of milk until warm. Do not allow to boil. Once it has reached the desired temperature, add 30g of Land Drinking Chocolate and stir until the flakes have melted. 
  • Ingredients: cocoa bean, organic cane sugar, cocoa butter.
  • 250g