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Ooni - Wood Pellets

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The perfect natural fuel for your pellet-fueled Ooni pizza oven or pellet grill.Ooni's Premium Hardwood Pellets are 100 % beech hardwood - a clean-burning natural hardwood. They light easily, burn efficiently and produce minimal ash waste to enable a long, clean burn. Ooni's pellets are PEFC Certified to ensure they are sustainably produced, and are manufactured to ENplus® standards.

Key features: One 3kg bag of pellets will last for a good 2-3 hours of continuous cooking. And you can get the first pizza done with just 300g of pellets. The pellets are 'food safe' and suitable to use in pellet-fueled Ooni pizza ovens, as well as other pellet grills and barbecues.


- 6mm diameter
- 100 % Beech
- Ash content: ≤ 0.7 %
- Moisture content: < 10 %
- Calorific value: 4.8KWhr/kg