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Puffin - Billy Drybag R20 Tow Float

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The Billy R20 Drybag is a 20L inflatable drybag tow float made from recycled plastic bottles, it’s bright and light, helps increase the safety of the swimmer, and can carry items whilst swimming.

  • made with recycled plastic bottles for eco-sustainability
  • designed with Optimised Streamlining for minimal drag
  • can be used to store items whilst swimming e.g keys, phone
  • grab handles, integrated safety whistle and gear attachment points
  • durable, Bright, and lightweight
  • The Billy R20 Recycled Drybag Tow Float has been designed by swim safety experts and is highly recommended to open water swimmers who need to be extra visible in the water to help keep them safer and those who might need to carry some small items whilst swimming.