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Sky Stormer - Pulley Bucket

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With this robust rope pulley young adventurers' loads can be effortlessly transported to higher places and back down again. This avoids the burden of having to climb up and down repeatedly, is lots of fun, and trains dexterity! And this is also practical: The grip of the bucket has a small indentation so that the carabiner hook and rope stay in place.

  • A robust pulley system with a metal bucket in a fresh colour
  • A notch on the bucket handle prevents the rope and carabiner clamp
  • Playfully teaches children about how physical forces work
  • Incl. two return pulleys that allow for effortless transportation of loads
  • Trains dexterity and motor skills
  • An idea addition to a tree house, climbing equipment, and play house
  • Reduces the need to climb up and down when playing
  • Bucket also can be used by itself; ideal for playing in the sandbox or on the beach